Gastronomic delights the Kotitie way


As our guest, we serve breakfasts at the time you desire, usually 7–10 a.m. The breakfast holds mainly home-made organic local food, for instance home-smoked fish, wild berries we have gathered ourselves, either fresh or frozen, home-made berry powders and smoothies, juices and jams, herbal porridge and our own herbal tea, not forgetting coffee. We locally source eggs, honey, meat and Finnish dairy products. We bake many of the pastries ourselves. Our aim is to provide pure, tasty, diverse and healthy food that provides energy for daily activities.


Dinner comprises food that is prepared using local ingredients and seasonal produce. All meals are prepared by us from start to finish. We usually serve a three-course dinner that is agreed in advance with the guests. Examples of some of our popular menu selections:

  1. Starter of wild mushroom or garden angelica soup served with home-baked bread, main meal of reindeer and wild mushroom stew accompanied by a vegetable purée, birch-flavoured carrots, lingonberry jam and lettuce, with a dessert of garden angelica pudding served with sea buckthorn honey.
  2. A starter platter of our own specialities, such as pickled rufus candy milk-caps, smoked fish, reindeer meat jerky or smoked, wild plants, such as dandelion buds, nettle or rosebay willowherb sprouts, and berry or herbal jam, main meal of hot-smoked fish and potatoes served with Pekka’s fish sauce, seasonal salad, wild herb salad in the summertime, with a dessert of berry pie accompanied by our home-made ice cream flavoured with e.g. sweetgrass.
  3. Starter of cold-smoked fish sandwich “skagen”, main meal of reindeer and vegetable soup or a creamy salmon soup, with a dessert of cloudberry fool served with ice cream and meadowsweet biscuits.