Nature trips


Day trip to the wilderness and smoke sauna

This is a unique possibility to visit a very private and personal place with a log cabin and traditional smoke wood sauna in the wilderness! On this trip you will experience the nature of forested nature of Lapland in Pello with all your senses. You can participate in the heating of the sauna with firewood and pick your own sauna herbs in the forest. After this you will enjoy the magic of the ”löyly” (spirit) in a traditional smoke sauna with homemade natural sauna products, such as soap, birch whisk and herbal cream. You can swim in the little lake called Pirttijärvi – the whole lake reserved only for you. There is no electricity or running water in this place. You will hear many stories about the local herbs and berries – their health benefits and make your own herbal tea out of them. All the plants are organic.

Trip duration is 8-9 hours, which includes transportation from Rovaniemi to Pello and back, lunch and dinner with refreshments. The delicious meals are made of local, natural, mostly organic ingredients and will be cooked partly by open fire. You can enjoy the taste of wild forest berries, herbs and mushrooms and hear the silence of the nature by sitting around the campfire or in the cottage in front the fireplace. You can grill sausages or bake pancakes on the open flame or we can do it for you. You will learn about the Finnish cabin and sauna culture, swim in the pure, private lake and familiarize yourself with the natural products of Lapland. The price also includes towels and materials needed in the sauna. This day trip can be arranged for up to six participants. We speak English and German.

Day trip to the lakeside cabin

This trip is arranged at times without snow cover to enable you to see and experience the most intimate elements of Finnish culture, such as recreational time on the lake shore, staying in a cabin and enjoying nature. Trip duration is 7–8 hours and includes a wide variety of traditional Finnish activities, such as rowing a boat on the lake, fishing, heating the sauna and sauna bathing, swimming in the lake, gathering herbs, berries or mushrooms (depending on season) in the forest, and savouring a meal prepared on the open fire. If we find edible natural produce from the forest of lake, it can be used in preparing the meal. Treatment herbs suitable for use in the sauna can also be gathered from the forest.

The trip includes transfers to the cabin and back as well as instruction and guidance throughout the trip. The trip includes a daytime guided programme including meals and drinks. The price includes the necessary towels, linens, soaps, shampoos and other sauna amenities. This trip is suitable for 2–6 persons. Guidance available in English, German, Swedish and Finnish.


Half-day trips for enjoyment in local nature

Summer Trips

Join us on a guided excursion for gathering wild berries, mushrooms and herbs, including fishing and hiking in Rovaniemi or neighbouring municipalities, either alone or in a small group. The trip includes transfers to the destination, trip guidance spiced up with local tales, a packed lunch, fishing equipment, berry buckets and mushroom baskets. A campfire will be lit during the trip and meals prepared on the open fire. The length and progress of the trip depends on the fitness and preferences of participants. If we manage to catch fish or gather natural produce, we can use these for preparing the food or making your own herbal mix to take home with you. This half-day trip duration is 3–4 hours.

Winter Trips

A snowshoe hiking trip is ideal for 1–4 participants and heads for the local forest, for instance in Ounasvaara, Pöyliövaara or Arctic Circle Hiking Area. Trip departure can be from Kotitie or we can first drive closer to the destination. Transfers are included in the trip price, as well as equipment, food and drinks savoured together around the campfire. Trip duration is 3–4 hours.

Ice fishing trips head for local waterways, such as the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers. The trip includes transfers, fishing equipment and packed lunches. Trip duration is 3–4 hours and is suitable for 1–4 participants. Guidance available in English, German, Swedish and Finnish.