Traditional Finnish christmas celebration

Traditional Finnish christmas celebration

Christmas is the most important celebration in the Finnish calendar year and it is traditionally celebrated on Christmas Eve among family. Decorating the Christmas tree, bathing in a Christmas sauna, a plentiful meal and Santa Claus are all integral parts of our Christmas Eve. In Finland Santa Claus visits all the children personally and hands them presents. The purpose of the Christmas sauna is to cleanse the body, clear the mind and relax into a peaceful Christmas. Families can have sauna together or men and women can go separately. Christmas dinner is prepared with care from the autumn harvest and no one is counting calories. Dinner is enjoyed without hurry among your family.

As we begin the traditional Finnish Christmas experience, you get to know our home and us, Aini and Pekka. We will tell you stories on Finnish Christmas traditions and the history of the house and the area. You will get to bathe in our personal sauna using natural birch products. We will instruct you thoroughly throughout the experience. We will provide you with homemade birch soap and shampoo, a traditional birch whisk and birch-scented lotion. Amidst the bathing you will enjoy homemade birch beverages, which enhance the holistic cleansing effect of the sauna. You will also get to cool off, even outside in the snow, if you wish.

You will top off the cleansing experience with an abundant meal, which consists of traditional Finnish Christmas food. Each dish is homemade and prepared from scratch and they include herbs, berries and mushrooms we have foraged from the clean Finnish forests. We use only natural and local produce. We are well educated on the local way of life, the nature and Finnish Christmas traditions, and we happily share our knowledge throughout the meal.

Our meal includes:

Cold fish dishes (3-4 dishes, e.g. cold smoked fish, cured fish, pickled herring), meat dishes (2-3 dishes e.g. cold smoked reindeer, ham) Casseroles (2-3 dishes, e.g. beetroot, swede, carrot), forest mushroom salad, green salad, pickled mushrooms, boiled potatoes, bread, butter, sauces and condiments, mustard, forest berry parfait or custard with ice cream or whipped cream, chocolates, Christmas pastries, gingerbread.

Drinks: Forest berry juice, water, beer, wine, coffee, tea

This program is available from October to February, during afternoons and evenings. The duration of the whole experience is 3-4 hours and it is intended for 2-4 participants.